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Protect yourself from spam and identity theft! - KES. 999/=/Yr

Every registered domain name contains full name and contact information about its owner, which is available for everyone in the world to see.

This is often referred to as WHOIS information. There are absolutely no restrictions on how many times or who is able to view it.

This public information is often used by spammers, unsolicited advertising companies, domain hijacking, and your competitors to learn what you are doing.


In order to avoid this, we provide Whois Privacy Protection to shield your real information from public view. 

This will stop all unwanted emails from spammers and advertisers, yet will keep you in touch with potential customers and partners!


Our advanced email filtering system will recognize and stop spam, while forwarding legitimate emails and mail sent to you as the domain owner.


Whois Privacy Protection will help you:

  • Keep your personal and family information private
  • Eliminate domain related spam
  • Prevent domain name hijacking
  • Block harassers and stalkers
  • End data mining
  • Shield legitimate business endeavors


Reliable and Affordable Privacy Protection

We offer Whois Privacy Protection on wide range of domain extensions, and we continue to make the list longer every day by adding new domain extensions into our protection system. Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable and affordable domain privacy service available.


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