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Domain Names

A domain is part of a network address that gives it an identity on the internet. Since there could be various locations with the same name, it is important to name that domain. Giving your domain a name establishes ownership and exact location on the World-Wide-Web.

There are two types of domains:

Top-level (TLD)
Second-level (SLD)
TLD or top level domain, is the part of the domain name found on the right of the dot for eg. [] where ".com" is the extension. The most common top level domains are .com, .org, .net and most recently .biz.

Top level domains can be registered by anyone while a second level domain bears an extension to the left of the domain name, eg. [] where "testexample" is an extension to the domain. Why is it important to know? Because the location of a specific domain name cannot be replicated, so adding a name to it gives it a unique identity.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is governed by (ICANN) Internet Corporation for Assigned Names. This body of regulators manages links between IP addresses and domain names across the Internet. IP addresses are represented by domain names and therefore we can find websites by typing the domain names instead of the IP address in our browsers. This information is stored in a common database along with all domains linked to an IP address.

It is essential to have more than one domain name if one is planning to undertake a business or a project. This protects your intellectual property and establish your brand.

What is a URL?

This is a common name in the cyber world and also on the streets. A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator which is the address of an Internet website or webpage. The URL is an exact address for the location of information on the Internet. An example, the URL for the site is []. Therefore the site points to the page that has content relating to "computers" of "" website.

Below is an example that indicates how a URL []

is broken down to show specific locations on a web page via the internet:

http:// {protocol}
testexample {domain name}
.com {TLD}
/computers/software.HTML = {path}
/computers/ {directory}
/software.HTML {file name}
Who Controls Nameservers

When we hear the word "nameservers" what come to mind? Well, as the name suggests, it stores and serves names whenever it is called upon. It is like a telephone directory that stores millions of contact numbers and as soon as someone dials a number, that call is activated. In the same context, domains that match the IP addresses are stored onto these servers. This is stored on the internet in one repository or central registry.

Expired Domain Names

Owning a domain name is like renting an office or building. It carries an expiry date that must be renewed. Some companies and individuals pay for up to 5 years to use their domain name. The minimum period is one year. Fortunately, it has a grace period that allows for re-registration. This grace period depends on the company that registered the domain name.

If the domain name is not renewed, it is released to the public. This could be in the form of a public auction and individuals can bid on capturing that domain name. The domain name will be returned to the registry if no one claims it, and it is at the discretion of the registry to release it to the public. Once it is released, the domain name can be registered again.

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