Can I Make Money Reselling eBooks? Kenya

This is a question many people ask today, especially considering how popular eBooks have become. Technological advancements, especially those around the internet its capabilities have brought in so many opportunities that people can take advantage of and make money in the process. One of the most popular is affiliate marketing where you get to sell products on behalf of a company and make money from every sale you generate. This is very similar to how you can make money reselling eBooks.

eBooks have gained popularity and it is actually very easy for you to start a business with it if you can create the books based on topics that you are most conversant with. Creating your own book might require lots of efforts and if you are not up for the challenge, then you can still opt to resell eBooks that have resell rights. This means that not every book can be resold and you must be careful so you select only those that extend the resell rights to third parties.

How it works

Usually, you would need to purchase the eBooks from authors or sellers after which you are free to resell them and keep the profits. They are not public domain books, but rather books that have resell rights to them so you can keep the profits after your sale. The good thing about reselling the eBooks is that the amount of money you make depends on your efforts in marketing and reselling the books. Most go for as little as a dollar, and even if you make a few pennies worth of profits it is still a lucrative business for you because you have done absolutely nothing in the production of the book.

What to remember

When it comes to reselling eBooks, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that there is Master Resale Right or MRR and Private Label Right or PLR. In the master resale right book category, you get the opportunity to sell rights in that apart from doing direct product sales, you also are allowed to sell resale rights packages to interested sellers too. However, you do not get any authorization to edit the product and you could even have to work with other details such as controlled pricing.

When it comes to the private label rights, you enjoy more flexibility as a seller. The rights give you the freedom to customize the product as you wish and make product content adjustments as you wish before using in the different ways you want. Therefore, to know which eBooks, carry what rights, you should always read the book description and select the rights you feel works for you best.

Also important to remember is that it is absolutely legal to resell the books as long as they have the resell rights to them. Book licenses can make it easier for you to know which ones you can resell and which ones you should not. The truth is that you can make alot of money reselling eBooks, especially when you choose niches that are trending or those that remain evergreen to readers.

Can I make money reselling eBooks is now a question that can be answered with a bold yes. You just need to be a little selective with the books so you buy and resell those that will give you an easy time with readers.

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