Web Design Mistakes You Should Not Make Kenya

Giving More Importance to Style than Substance

Though using cool design elements may be great, you are not sure whether these elements effectively express the site's message. This is something that needs to be addressed. It is not a good idea to choose design elements just because they are cool. You should also choose based on their capability to meet the standards of web usability. This way, these elements will work with your web design concept and uphold your conversion ratio.

Always keep in mind that it is not the design's coolness that will increase conversion, but all design elements joined together to serve a bigger purpose, which happens to be, better conversions.

Too Much Text on your Website

At this time, we want to talk about the text that seems to be too long. Some people think that adding long blocks of text on their site will improve the conversion rate, but it does not. In fact, it is difficult to read, and visitors sometimes find them boring. For a site to convert, you have to make sure that your content is readable and separated into shorter paragraphs with bullet points. Visitors should be able to go through the text with ease to find the important information they need. This is a means to improve both user engagement and conversion ration of website.

Exclusion of Color as a Design Element

You may not be considering color as a critical element in your page layout, but only as an addition. If this is so, you do not have the right design priorities since you are not aware that color is one design element that has a great effect on conversions. It is unfortunate, though, that it has been downgraded to just being a decorative element on a lot of websites.

Colors are often associated with different emotions. The right color combination helps in creating the kind of emotion you want in your design. To make sure that designers are able to include colors as an essential part of your website design process, they have to be clear when it comes to color theory.


The style used in designing your website should be consistent in all of your web pages. It would look disorganized when your content, headers and others have different features across the website. For instance, when the sub-header is red on a particular page and has a different color on other pages, this inconsistency will be very noticeable and can easily distract people. Design elements plus their sizes can be mixed and matched, but for a good reason. If this is done just because you do not have the time to keep consistent styling, you might as well expect a negative result.

Too Much of Textual Content

This is a lot more different than long blocks of text, since having too much of textual content is filling your website with text to the edge, and this is certainly not pleasing to readers. Here, a variety of blocks whatever their size may be are competing with each other to catch the attention of visitors from all corners. This causes confusion and leads to conversion disaster. The main reason to add the most important text on a page is because it is share-worthy.

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