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10 Common Errors E-Commerce Business Owners Make on Their Website Kenya Print

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Mistake #1. Copy / Paste the product descriptions.
Are you tempted to do ctrl + c / ctrl + v from the manufacturer's website for product descriptions to put on your site? Warning! Google tries to show to users of pages with distinct information. Copying Product descriptions of your suppliers are quite a risk because duplicate content can affect the quality of your site, both in the eyes of Internet users and in the eyes of search engines. You must rewrite them to make them unique.

Mistake #2. Having Poor Content.
It is customary to say that the beautiful sites containing many images are often poorly referenced. This is particularly the example of artist portfolios, design websites or photos. Even if you opt for a graphic site, do not neglect the content texts. Enjoy your product sheets, buying guides, tips sheets to create unique and differentiating content. Blogs are excellent levels to perform your SEO.

Mistake #3. Forgetting to rewrite URLs.
The URL of your product pages must be clean and consist of keywords, not composed of numbers, parameters. Rewriting URLS will increase the readability and ease of understanding by the user.

Example: URL websitename/category/product/category you are promoting rather than websitename/id=21421213423

Mistake #4. Duplicate Content
Some content may be found on multiple pages on your website ( Page with two different URLs or a landing page showing the same content on the product page). Always Promote unique content to enhance the user experience. The shoppers would prefer to read different content for different products so it is important to know how to manage the content.

Always Remember to de-index the outdated pages which you don't want the users to see and focus on relevant content to your product.

Mistake #5. Making it inaccessible to reach to the product page.
You should make it easy to access the product pages from your home page. The number of clicks made by users on your site to get to the product pages should be limited. Ideally, the most important pages should be accessible in 3 clicks from your homepage, even if your site contains thousands of pages.

Mistake #6. No Page management
The content of your product pages and categories is significant (examples page 1, page 2 ). Google must be able to crawl, that is to say, analyze your site and easily understand its architecture. The more your site is orderly and categorized, the better will be your ranking in search results.

If your site contains a lot of paginated content, it reduces the chance of Googlebot crawling your website. Also, depending on how you manage your pagination, you can expose you to duplicate content. The use of rel = prev / next tag is recommended by Google to manage paging.

Mistake #7. Allowing Error Pages
Is any of your product not available at the moment? Are you expecting it to be delayed? It is very important to manage and predict the availability of your products to fit your SEO actions. Unavailable products should disappear from your site, as are 404 pages that are signs of poor quality for the search engines.

Mistake #8. Undefined Internal links
Often overlooked, however, the internal links define the structure of your site and all links to your pages. Thus, by linking your pages, you can pass the popularity of certain pages to other pages on your site that are less visible.

The internal links will not only guide your visitors but also the search engines, It influences your positioning and your conversion rate so always remember to add hyperlinks to other pages on your site about a product or additional category.

Mistake #9. Ignoring the Rich Snippets
Less known to many, the Rich Snippets are nothing but the text that appears under every search result. It is important to give more information about your products to the visitor. Additional information such as reviews, ratings, images will allow the users to know more about your company and it will also help the bots to categorize your website to the relevant search.

Beyond their SEO effectiveness, they can gain visibility and thus increase the click rate.

Mistake #10. Lack of page segmentation in Analytics
Segmenting the types of pages in Google Analytics allows you to more effectively monitor the distribution of your traffic based on the type of pages / products, identifying their behavior. This helps you to redefine your objectives and adapt your SEO strategy SEO accordingly.

SEO for an e-commerce site is a long process and can definitely bear fruit in the ultra-competitive environments where visibility is the best weapon. Your E-commerce site outdoes your competitors by only adopting the right strategy.

A poor job on SEO can have a significant impact on e-commerce site which could lead to poor positioning -> fewer clicks -> reduction in traffic -> loss of conversions and revenue.

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