Is Your Website Failing? Here's 10 Reasons People Leave Your Site Kenya

The success of any online business is basically dependent on the effectiveness of the website. The website must be attractive, capable of driving higher traffic and convert visitors into positive sales. But, there are several instances where the visitors would leave the site very early which naturally fails to convert the visit into positive sales. Thereby, it affects the particular online business. The reasons for this unhealthy situation are briefly discussed here.

Slow loading: Yes, in this busy world no one will have the patience to stay on the website that takes considerable time to respond. Many visitors get irked by a slow loading website. Therefore, this problem should be addressed on a priority basis.

Advertisements: It is a fact that advertisements appearing intermittently when you are browsing distract your attention. Naturally, you will have an inclination to leave the web page and move on to some other website where there are no distractions.

Pop ups: This is yet another nuisance for those who are seriously browsing your website. It is no wonder, in such cases the visitor would immediately go to some other website instead of getting irritated by such pop ups.

Auto play audio/video: There was a time when auto play audio or video on the landing page was considered as a good business promotion technique. But, the visitors do not tolerate this anymore because they evaluate your product not by the video or audio, but on its performance.

Poor web design/usability: The web site must be attractive and user-friendly. If it lacks either of these, no one would visit the website. The website must be so user-friendly that even a person having very little knowledge of computer usage should be able to navigate it comfortably.

Reliable redirects: Sometimes, when you click on the link it takes you to some other website and not to the particular link. It is an embarrassing situation; it is like you board a bus to go to a particular place, but the driver takes you to some other place.

Content layout/poor content: The content written should be attractive and free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. It is needless to say sometimes these mistakes can even mislead the visitor. So, proof read the content before posting it on the website.

Outdated content: Outdated content is always frustrating and it highlights the business acumen. For example, if you are describing about laptops, showcase a laptop with more than 500 GB HD and not the one with 240 GB HD.

Not mobile friendly: You must understand these days that many people will browse your website on their mobile or smart phone. You have to keep pace with the changing times and therefore you must devise your website to be mobile friendly. This can certainly enhance traffic to the website.

No contact/about pages: In the business world, providing contact address is very crucial. Therefore, give your contact phone number, postal and as also email address.

In order to make your website get the highest possible traffic you must rectify all these shortcomings on the web page. For this, you should avail the services of experts who have adequate qualification and expertise in attending to these problems.visit Kenya Website Experts for website design and developement services in kenya.

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