Why Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce System Kenya

Do you find it difficult and challenging to choose which e-commerce system would be the best for your business? There is a new online shopping cart that website owners consider the top in marketability, functionality. Customization and versatility. The name is Magento, a system that goes on evolving with each upgrade and extension developed.

Providers of e-commerce solutions aim to always provide online business owners with the best features to run their e-commerce stores. And they choose the Magento platform in doing this. Magento today is among the e-commerce solutions that continue to advance because of the high demand brought by these providers. All online business store owners naturally would like to have a good ROI (return of investment) as well as complete control over the business. Magento platform has the flexibility, features and scalability that will make your business grow. Listed below are reasons why you should choose Magento for your e-commerce solution.

1. Capability To Handle Multiple Stores - Magento is designed to meet your needs, whether you want just one store or multiple stores. If you desire a multiple number of stores, you don't need to worry about how to control them, because you can easily do it from the Administration Panel.

2. Fast Product Browsing - With this feature, you can show multiple images of a single product, including the zoom-in capability. There is also a space where customers can post their reviews, so readers can easily make their purchase decisions. The availability of stocks can be checked anytime and there is also a product catalog that online shoppers can browse and choose a product.

3. Reporting and Analytics - Magento stores have reporting capability that can help you see how the store performs. Examples of reports that you may wish to obtain are reports on abandoned shopping cart, tax, best purchased product, best viewed product, low stock, and so on.

4. Order Management - This Magento feature enables you to edit, create, view and fulfill orders, all from one Administration Panel. You also have the ability to create invoice/s, credit memos and shipments for every order. Your customers, if they like, can reorder a product from their account, because there is full order history that they can view.. Also included in this feature is the RSS feeds of newly placed orders.

5. Marketing Tools - Some marketing tools of Magento include up-sells and cross-sells that can increase your sales online. These tools are powerful and have the functionality coupled with ease of use. Also provided are flexible coupons for your marketing campaign.

6. Magento Themes - With Magento, you can load multiple themes immediately. Magento's programming is object-oriented so that you can access modules via template tags. These themes should be attractive enough and also user-friendly.

The above are the 6 reasons why people should select Magento over other e-commerce shopping carts. The platform's shopping software has all the equipment and all the advanced features that you will require to run a completely functioning website. If you are looking which platform to use for your store, this article will help you make a quick decision.

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