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Top 10 Signs That Your Website Needs a Redesign Kenya Print

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Many companies face problems with their existing websites and feel that either their products or services are not being displayed correctly. Some also have issues with the fact that the correct content is not being given enough emphasis. They companies face various issues and these include the existing clients as well as the new ones. But how do you decide whether it is time to redesign your website? Since Website designing is now quite popular and there are many different companies suggesting several different things. This is a time when you need some guidelines to follow and this article intends to do exactly that.

Hence here is a list of the top ten signs that you website needs to be redesigned:

1. Your website looks like was designed way back in the 90's and it actually was. The design trend has drastically changed over the years and hence if you website was designed a long time ago it is likely that the design is not up to the current standards. In addition to which the focus of many web development firms and the organizations itself was to get an online presence at those times and hence that too could be a factor that affects your web site design.

2. Your website designed some time ago by someone close to you and they are now not available to update the website as per your requirements. Having to take help from other sources can often ruin the website as well, besides the updates may not be compatible with the current design too.

3. The graphics images and animated images used to market your message are not really doing the job any more. It is likely that they need to be redone to convey the perfect message thus requiring you to also redesign your website.

4. A sure sign that your website needs a redesign when your power point presentation is more effective and attractive than your website, besides being more current.

5. If you have a website but have no way of telling who is visiting your website and what it is that most of the visitors are interested in and what is the source of the visitors it is high time you do something about your website. Simply having an online presence may have been enough in the past but with the plethora of tools at your disposal today you need to make sure your website is optimized such that it can provide you such feedback.

6. You website looks just great on the old CRT monitors but when loaded on the current LED or LCD wide screen monitors it barely covers the screen. To top it the entire website layout is completely destroyed when loaded on any mobile device.

7. Google's recent Panda update affects the websites with duplicate content. Thus if yours is a website that has a lot of duplicate content for some reason or the other it is bound to get hit due to this Panda update from Google.

8. The navigation of a website is one of the most basic and important design elements of just about any website. If your website has got this wrong and your navigation is very poor such that visitors find it hard to get to the correct content, than having a website is actually hurting your business.

9. Your website was designed such that it now takes a long time to load each page. This may be due to the fact that it is high on the number of graphics or flash and multimedia used.

10. There are many design elements that were very popular a few years ago and considered "Cool" too. Talking avatars was one of them. In the past many websites had such talking avatars that greeted the visitors and it was considered something quite personal, unique and innovative. But the same thing that was considered "Cool" then is now a big turn off. Now if visitors come across a website with such features they may actually prefer to check the next best link. This is especially true for the great number of people that visit websites on the go (on their mobile devices).


Things have changed over the years and so has technology. You may have depended on someone you know for help with the website in the past or even used some WYSIWYG software package to create a website. You have more options these days in the form of several open source software like WordPress, Joomla etc.

kenya website experts is one company that keeps with the times. They have witnessed the drastic change in the website design trends and lead the way when it comes to designing websites.

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