The Importance of Purchasing Your Very Own Domain Name Kenya

Your business deserves attention and recognition. You need to haul in profit, right? To do this, you need the customers and to attract them, you have to get your very own domain name. It is the Internet's real estate. Purchasing one is securing your location in the web, so that your potential buyers can locate you. It is also important in establishing a firm foundation for your online image and credibility as an online entrepreneur.

A domain name can help identify IP addresses. They have suffixes, which indicate their corresponding TLDs (top-level domains). Examples of TLDs are "", ".com", ".org", "", "", and ".gov" and many more. Domain names are also like phone numbers. They allow you to have a memorable address that anyone can spell easily. With the use of domain names, your IP address remains invisible, at least for most Internet users.

TLDs have the following categories:

Country Code TLD (ccTLD) - this helps identify a country. It's composed of only two letters. An example is ".ke" for Kenya or ".ug" for the Uganda.

Infrastructure TLD - the Address and Routing Parameter Area (ARPA) is the only TLD in this category.

Generic TLD (gTLD) - this is considered a familiar and common TLD, such as ".org" or ".com"

Sponsored TLD (sTLD) - this is a TLD, managed by private organizations.

Why You Need a Domain Name

Below are some of the main reasons you have to purchase your own domain name for your business:

You prevent your domain name from being your downfall. A domain name gives you a strong control over your online presence. If you happen to upset someone, they won't be able to find anything that could discredit you or your business in any way

You are able to control what people want to search about your company. Once guests enter your domain name in a search engine, you can direct them to your website easily. This is a sure thing when your domain name is unique and easy-to-remember.

Your undesirable photos are hard to find. It is never good for business if your potential clients find a drunken photo of you somewhere when they enter the wrong domain, trying to search for your site. If you have a good domain name, you can be sure that all they get are the desirable information you want them to see.

Presently, you can get a domain name for much lower than 11 USD annually. With credible, helpful domain registrars like, you can get an email address, online presence control, and more benefits. It's worth the money you shell out. You won't regret every purchasing one. The best thing about it is that when you feel you don't need it next year, just allow the expiration of your registration.

Sadly, domain registration is also a business, so many use it to gain profit in any way. Just make sure you look for the right domain registrars that do not take advantage of online business people like you. This and the right domain name can build a bright future for your online company.

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