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Importance of a Good Image for an eCommerce Website and Business Kenya Print

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Today, people are too busy doing productive work that they don't have the privilege to shop products from stores. So now people are relying on commerce services more and more. eCommerce is the technique of buying products/services via online without going personally into the store. It offers us many advantages like:
• Saves the transportation cost for visiting the store.
• Saves precious time that you can spend on other things instead of going to the actual store to purchase something.
• For people who gets influenced by others easily, they don't have to speak to someone directly so they can buy whatever they want.
• There is no closing hour to an online store so you can buy anything anytime.
• For the manufacturer, they can save a lot of money by not owning a store and hiring extra employees.

eCommerce is a billion dollar industry and it's growing and growing every day. eCommerce proved its worth where time is money for both business and consumers. So what convinces people to buy a product without touching or feeling it? The answer is simple, it's the product images.

Importance of a Good Image for eCommerce Business
People are stimulated visually. We judge everything by looking at it, we even critic a food's taste by its looks. So we can understand how important image could be for making the judgment of buying the product. Here are some of the biggest factors of the importance of a good image:

The first thing a buyer sees is the image
When a customer browses the listed product online the first thing they do sees the image of the product. Everyone has their own preference due to their personality. They always look for specific styles, sizes, colors and other qualities. So they make the instant judgment by the looks of the product image.

The bigger the better
For an eCommerce business size of the image matters. For a selling tool, small pictures are not effective at all customers wants to see every detail of the product. Zooming a small image will make the image pixelated and unclear and no customer wants it. On the other hand, high-resolution images show exact details of the product and keeps customers interested.

Advantages of Multiple angles
For some customers seeing is not enough, they need to personally handle the product to ensure the product. Images from multiple angles of the products give you the feeling of holding the product. Sometimes one image is not good enough another angle of the product might be a deal maker or a deal breaker. It helps both buyer and seller because it increased sales and decreases chances of returns.

Brand ambassador
A good quality product image is its own brand ambassador. It can speak for itself, there is a saying "an image is worth 1000 words". So there is no need to hire a celebrity or a famous person to represent your product.

Competitive edge
Higher quality images will give you the competitive edge as the customer will believe your product is superior to others. So hiring a professional photographer to take a good quality picture is not a cost it's an investment.

Going viral
eCommerce products with the better picture is more likely to get viral over the internet. Social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr is a great place to promote products. And the products with better images have a better chance to be shared by everyone and go viral.

This is it guys the importance of good quality images in the eCommerce business. To put your online business on the top good quality images is extremely important. To rise up amongst thousands of online shop that sells similar products like you, you should use every tactic available and using a good image is one of them. So if you have photography skill go for it or hire someone professional for better images of your product.

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