Some Important Things Related To Website Designing Kenya

The website designing trends are very similar to fashion trends. They come & go with time. This industry is witnessing a massive transformation. When it comes to designing, it is but obvious to include the necessary things. The responsive designs are certainly the best example for this. Let me discuss these designs first. These websites have the ability to adopt to any size screen. With the evolution of the mobile industry, most of the users prefer to browse the internet using mobile gadgets. These designs provide advanced browsing experience to the visitors.

Coming back on to the new trends of this industry, let me discuss some important things related to this. Nowadays, the hamburger menu is gaining huge popularity. In this, all the navigation buttons get hidden behind this menu. The main reason for this is that it provides advanced browsing experience on the mobile gadgets. This menu helps in displaying the website in a cleaner & sleeker manner. Though most of the people know how to use this menu, but at times this reduces the discoverability.

A better option in such cases is the sticky menu. This is also considered as the better option. In this, the menu sticks to its original place even if one scrolls down the page. This helps in providing user-friendly navigation.

Front-page Carousels

The designers are relying heavily on the infographics. They use large banners & high-definition images on the home page in order to offer the attractive look to the website. Though it gives fascinating looks but it also has an adverse impact on the performance. The banners and images occupy most of the area leaving behind no space for the content. The lack of content is not SEO friendly. In order to get on the top of the searches, it is mandatory that the website must be designed as per search engine guidelines.

Another adverse impact associated with large banners and heavy images is that these adversely affect the website performance. These images and banners take more time in the uploading which eventually results in bouncing rate. The visitors have the tendency to move to another website if it takes more time to load.

The banners also push the content below the fold. It is mandatory to put important things above the fold in order to engage the visitors.

Parallax Designs

The parallax websites are highly demanded these days. These templates provide fascinating looks to the websites. The attractive designs at times result in better engagement. These designs are also well-known for user-friendly navigation.

These are some of the latest website designing trends. Some of the basic things related to the present trends are discussed here. The designers should keep these things in mind while designing the website. The reason for this is that the websites are meant to do business. So, these points will certainly help you designing SEO friendly websites.

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