Top 5 Reasons Why a Business Website Must Have a Blog Kenya

It's been almost a decade now that "blogging" is ruling the virtual world. Be it a business or a personal website, integrating a blog with it brings positive results within a short span of time. Not only does it give you a wider exposure, but also it helps you to reach out to the larger audience in no time actually. Thus, having a business blog is not simply an option these days; rather, a blog is a mandatory tool that a business must invest in.

Here, are top 5 reasons that describe why a business needs a blog on its prime.

1. Blogs Attract Instant Traffic

If you want your business making massive sales, then you need a relevant and potential traffic. The blog gets you that. With a professional blog, you can reach out to the wider audience. You can make your potential audience aware about the latest happenings by giving frequent updates.

Blogs are the major source of traffic which attracts more targeted audience to your website. A blog attracts more traffic faster than other pages and if you are updating your blog often with fresh content, there's an increased chance of getting indexed faster. This way, your business can reach out to the larger and relevant traffic which will further route the traffic to your business website and increase your sales.

2. Blog Gives Credibility to Your Brand

A professional blog helps in building your brand and earning credibility. Through a blog, you can post, effective and fresh content that reflects the values of your brand. Also, you can post frequent updates about amazing things about your brand. At the same time, you can invite suggestions from the audience and keep them engaged. Healthy engagements go a long way for building your identity and strengthen your credibility in the virtual world. Thus, a business blog helps in connecting with consumers on an emotional plane, which pays off in the long run.

3. Blog shows your Innovation

Leveraging the interactive platform of your business blog, you can gather the information about the current trends and customer feedback, which act as a catalyst in the way of innovation. The customer feedback helps you gauge what your consumers think, how they think and what are their problems. Such an interactive session also helps you think from a customer's perspective. Accordingly you can come up with a solution. In the interactive platform, you can discuss ideas and take suggestions from them, which help a lot to bring innovation in your products and services.

4. Convert Traffic into Qualified Leads

As mentioned earlier, blogs give you a direct access to your customer's perspective. It is a great way to win their trust. Every time, you make an effective blog post, it adds a value to your business. The process is consistent. It also opens up a potential method that encourages your loyal readers, turn into qualified leads. No wonder, a large number of popular organizations are using blogs as their principal lead generation source.

5. A Professional Blog Builds You an Industry Expert

A professional blog gives you an identity and credibility, which in the long run helps you to establish yourself as a brand. No business comes with a pre-set identity. With a professional blog, you can give your business a distinct character. Simply by having an outstanding blog, you can establish your authority as an industry expert and share valuable insight. This way you can create your own niche. Many small start-ups and SMEs are resorting to blogs to promote themselves. It builds trust and familiarise your business with your target consumers, which in the long run open up multifarious prospects.

Having a business blog is awesome as long as it perfectly depicts the values and purpose of your business. But, make sure, that the blog perfectly summarizes the brand and brings out its true essence.

Everyone is looking for generating traffic to their website so that they can generate leads for their business. Having a blog on your website will help you generate the targeted audience you are looking for.

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