Rules for Choosing a Domain Name That's Best for You Kenya

The truth is that a domain name can play a very important role in making your brand noticeable or visible. There is therefore much importance in ensuring that at the end of the day you have selected the name that is most suitable for you. Here are some rules you will find most helpful to come up with something that makes your brand stand out hence bringing great results.

Rule 1. Create striking keywords

You should have more than three phrases and terms that best describe your domain. When you have a list to work with, you will find it very easy to match up and add suffixes and prefixes for an amazing idea. You can choose terms that are most relevant depending on the field that you are launching in.

Rule 2. Make it as unique as possible

You of course don't want to end up being confused with other sites. The mistake most people make is to create names which are plurals, misspelled or hyphenated versions of others that are already in existence. This can be disastrous since it can end up driving your traffic to the sites leaving you with nothing much to show. Be as unique as you can possibly be.

Rule 3. Let it be easy to type out

The reason why most visitors will turn away from your name is because it probably is too complicated and hard to type out or memorize. The length, spelling and words need to be chosen with care to fetch you the marketing value your brand truly deserves. Some letters and punctuations can be problematic for some people so make it as easy as possible before you register a domain name.

Rule 4. Make it memorable

This will usually depend on how easy it is to type out the name. The truth is that some names do stick while some are simply too hard to be memorized. This will benefit you in the sense that your visitors can spread the word easily to their friends when talking about important products or services relevant to you. If they can remember it and remember it right for that matter, then the others can easily go type it out and find your site without too many issues. Sometimes keeping it short is all you need to do to make it easily memorable.

Rule 5. Create expectations

On reading the name for the very first time, visitors should automatically know what you are all about. If not, they should at least have an idea what you are offering them as far as the content is concerned. It can be very frustrating to come up with a name that does not match with what you are offering. Visitors will turn away from names they are no sure about and will be equally disappointed to find that the content is quite different from the expectations the domain name created in the first instance. The more accurate the name the more beneficial it will be for you.

Domain name registration is important, but you also need to make sure you have the best name prior to seeking the services.

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