Tips to Select the Best Domain Name for Your Website Kenya

1. Start with Keywords

Before logging into on your favorite domain registrar, take the time to brainstorm a few ideas.

it could be useful to have 3 to 5 keywords in thoughts while doing this workout.

These words and phrases have to in reality define what you do (or need to do).


2. Make it unique

Your domain is part of your brand. making sure it stands out is important for you and your users. 

Having a domain that resembles another famous brand is never a terrific idea as it could cause confusion.


3. Go for a.COM

In case you are critical about building a long-term brand online, there may be not anything higher than 

The usage of a 301-redirect to drive visitors to a. internet is the first-class, however owning or 

the equivalent TLD for your goal market country is critical.


4. Make it clean to type

if your URL is hard to kind, people won't. difficult words to spell and long URL strings can be frustrating to your stop users.certain, you

may add a nice keyword with a long URL, however if it negatively impacts the person experience, you'll suffer.


5. Make it memorable

word-of-mouth marketing is still the best of all. if you want to help your brand spread faster, make your domain smooth to consider.

Having a great website won't matter if no one can remember your area name.


6. Keep it Brief

Shorter URLs are easier to type and remember. they also allow more of the URL to show up in the search engines,

they match on business cards better and they look better in other offline media.


7. Create and meet expectations

what is the expectation you want to set while a person hears your URL for the first time? 

If they can't grasp what you do or who you are, you have a problem. Domains like and all will let you know what to expect up front.


8.Build your Logo

If you can't find a top area that meets the previous rule, use the branding to distinguish yourself.

the usage of a unique moniker is a great manner to build extra fee. 

Take notice that, because of this want for brand-building, you'll be slower to advantage traction than if you used a greater easy and easy domain. 

but, if performed, the effort can pay off.


9. Don't fall for trends

Simply because some thing is trending now, it doesn't suggest it will. Copying what a person else is doing can lead you down the incorrect route.

live far from strange spellings and masses of hyphens or numbers. maintain it easy, centered and smooth to don't forget.


10. Try a domain selection tool

In case you are having a tough time brainstorming for a concept, no concerns, the internet has your again.

Try the usage of a website selection tool to help you discover the perfect area. Tools that can help you 

locate that perfect domain, but remember to stick to the advice above while using those gear.

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