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Tips for Simple Email Spam Prevention Kenya Print

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Email spammers are persistent. They go by the words of Napoleon Hill, "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success." With spammers the first two ingredients are certainly present; they have persistence and patience. This makes spammers very difficult to get rid of. They believe that if they make only one sale out of 50,00 pieces of mail sent they are successful. Therefore those wanting to get rid of spam mail are going to need to practice certain principles diligently. There are 3 good tips that everyone should use to prevent most spam mail.

Don't Sign Up Without Taking Precautions

The Internet offers many interesting offers. There is everything from free software to free advice. Every time someone signs up they will end up on another person's mailing list. Those Internet marketers who are legitimate will send you a confirmation email and ask you to confirm that you indeed signed up. By this method, called Double Opt In, they give you the chance to rule out that your husband or teen did not sign you up. Under this method, you may opt out at any time want and you will stop receiving the emails. The problem is that there is also an irresponsible way to run email marketing. The marketer who uses these dishonest tactic sill never give you the option of getting off of the mailing list and ending the flood of unwanted spam. Some who practice this even place an "un-subscribe" link at the bottom of the message but they do not follow through and take you off the list. Everyone who signs up for free deals on the Internet should do so with a free "throw away" email account. It is a given that you will get spam so why use your good email from your Internet Service Provider? When you use a free account from say, Yahoo, and it gets full of spam, you can simply throw away. If you sign up you will get spam mail. This is unavoidable. If you want to sign up and not be worried by spam, take some precautions and use a throw away email account.

Don't Post Your Email Address In Public Places

Social networking has become a huge industry and a big topic of interest among many people. It is fun to take part on forums and Facebook and receive the desired interaction. For those who are serious about staying free of spam there is one simple word of advice which you should follow with unwavering persistence. Don't post your email address unless it is a free account that you will one day get rid of. People who use spam practices will find your address in short order. And in case you are not aware, there are computers which scan the Internet relentlessly and harvest email addresses from forums, Facebook and every other place where people post them. It is not necessary to understand the technology which makes this possible; it is a fact. This carries over into website ownership. If you are having a website built insist on having a good contact form installed with captcha security. Those who list their email on their website will have span. There are a good number of free contact form scripts available which will give your visitors the ability to contact you. You need not post your address on your website.

Don't Open Spam Mail

Once you get spam in your mail box you can limit it by deleting it without opening it. Spammers have certain tricks that they use in order to verify whether or not you have opened their mail. Once they find that you have opened they will lunge ahead with all enthusiasm. After a spammer has verified that your email address is valid he may add it to a large list and sell it to other spammers who want to send you their unwanted mail. You might see a lot of mail, which you do not recognize and this might make you curious. If you want to get rid of spam, don't open it. Microsoft Outlook offers a preview pane. If you must know what is inside of a piece of spam mail you can take a peek at it through the preview pane. The best advice is to gather all spam mail in your box and delete it.

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