Choosing a Web Host Tips Kenya

Make Clear Your Requirements

No matter what your purpose for choosing a web host, whether it is for your existing site or a new one, it is crucial to spell out your requirements. Recognizing your needs and preferences makes it easier to discover what you are looking for. To verify your hosting requirements, ask yourself the following questions:

What is the platform you are using? Is your site using WordPress, a different platform or are you building it on your own?

What types of contents will you publish? Will you feature a lot of videos and photos on your site, or will it be mostly articles with animated gif on occasion?

How many visitors do you have and what is the projected growth you foresee in the future?

Where do most of your visitors or target audiences come from? Do you need servers in a particular location, or you would rather go for geographically distributed hosting?

What other services do you require? Do these include managed hosting, offsite backups and email services?

How crucial is uptime to you? Does your site generate revenue, and how does 98% uptime impact you as compared to 99.9%?

What are the support channels you require? Do you need 24/7 phone and live chats, or is off-hours email support sufficient?

Determine Your Reason for Moving

If you are still in the process of deciding on a web host, spend some time to think about your reason for changing providers. Is there something about your existing host that makes you want to look around for an alternative? Once you figure it out, you will know what to look for or avoid in a new host.

Ask the Right Questions

When researching on the possible hosting options, the preceding tips could help you come up with questions you could ask when seeking advice. It is best to be specific to make sure the recommendations you are asking for are relevant to what you need.

If you are planning to get a new laptop, you just don't ask what the best laptop is. You may, but could face the risk of winding up in the center of a battle between Apple/Windows and there is no need for this to happen. The same is true when it comes to web hosting. Rather than asking what the best web host is, ask what the best one is for a WordPress site that receives 1000 visitors per day from different parts of the globe, and has a large number of video content.

When you are more specific, you get more relevant recommendations.

Follow Up Testimonials

Kenya Website Experts we like to take down customers' testimonials that we ae happy to host. Likewise, you can do the same with users' recommendations and endorsements, contacting the listed clients to ask them about their experiences with the web host.This may be inconsistent after the client has been hosting with us for more than one year or so.

You can also test the performance on thair websites to see how they match up.

We are a reliable website hosting service, with a strong experience and many happy customers.Talk to us to know more.

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