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Domain Transfer in Kenya

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FREE and easy .KE (,,,,,, domain name transfers
Moving your domain names to us couldn't be simpler. You can transfer .KE domain names to us for free.
You keep any remaining days and we'll renew it at our current rate once your current period has expired.

Transfer in Four Easy Steps!

1. Request your domain provider to unlock the domain and provide you with domain transfer code
2. Enter the domain you'd like to transfer.
3. After purchase, request the domain whois administrative email to authorize the transfer
4. Receive email confirmation of successful transfer

NOTE: Domain transfer fee for .com, .org, .net domains amounting to 1,000/= caters for both domain transfer and renewal of the domain with an additional one year. Expiry date of the domain will be extended for one year.

Transfer your domains for FREE

Stuck with your old web host? Not any longer. We’ll offer transfer assistance for your account for free!

When you move your domain(s) to us, you’re signing up for low prices and great service that thousands of customers rely on.

We’ll migrate all of your website files, databases, email addresses and website settings quickly and easily. Don’t let an unreliable web host slow you down.

Transfer of Web Hosting and Domain Name.

Step 1: Website and emails backup
Its advisable to do a backup of the account before starting the transfer.
If your current host uses cpanel, please send us your cpanel username and password for us to do the backup for you.
The cpanenl login details should be sent to

Step 2: Unlocking and Providing Transfer code
Once the backup has been done,you will be required to request your current host to do the following
i) Unlock the domain
ii) Send transfer code

Step 3: Initiating the transfer
We will then start the transfer, which requires the following approvals
a) Registrant change approval by the domain whois registrant email as shown at
b) Administrative transfer approval by the domain administrative email as shown at

.com .org .net - takes 6 days, strictly counting from the day the above two approvals are executed. - takes 1 hour

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